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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I havent posted here, in well, over 6 months, i had another impulse to write, well here it is, part of a story im writing, see if you can figure out the plot :)

There was nowhere to turn, Tomas, a member of the underground extremist faction known as PIF, was running for his life. Not so much running because running was no longer needed. Tomas could now glide away from is pursuers, jumping every ten feet or so on his power boots, these boots were a revolution in its time, they were surgically implanted boots that among other things, helped him cover far distances easily. Getting these seemingly ordinary boots that everyone else already had was not an easy task, for Tomas was not a ordinary person. Tomas, being a member of PIF was unable to get government issued equipment, the government did not allow members of unauthorized organizations have this special equipment. This itself was an incentive for ordinary people not to join groups, because it usually took over a year for the organizations to be cleared, so within that year no government property could be issued to its followers, and the government issued far more equipment than just power boots. Tomas was undercover, that is before his cover was blown. Being undercover was not an easy task especially with the government as regulated as it was. Stirred at 2 am by the moral police knocking on his door, Tomas found later that that time he was ousted by the cry of suspicious apartment neighbors reporting suspicious noises coming out of his bedroom.
The neighbors knew he was strange they just could not pinpoint it. Being thought of as a normal civilian Tomas thought it wise to get the boots, but he did find it strange that the boots had to be implanted, couldn’t he just wear them like normal shoes? He soon found out why in a communication from a fellow PIF member. The sole reason for the implants was for tracking, tracking of outlaws that would try to use them as an escape. But he had already completed the first phase of his mission, the part that he had been discovered perpetrating. Tomas had infiltrated the government post office, which was a capitol offense no civilian was allowed to enter a post office, he was then directed to obtain a certain package that contained information needed to build PIF’s rocket. The documents were en route to an incinerator because the government no longer needed them, not even for historical purposes.

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